Dovetail anchor slot brick ties

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Anchors and slots allow granite, marble, or any type of stone to be permanently ... Dovetail masonry anchors are manufactured to lock into dovetail anchor slot. ... ties are an economical hook type adjustable wire tie to secure masonry wall to ...

Dovetail Anchor Slots Brick Ties With a heavy, galvanized coating to prevent corrosion, Dovetail Anchors have deep corrugations to increase pull out strength. Anchor Slot and Dovetail Anchors provide a permanent, fast, flexible and cost effective method of anchoring brick, stone and block to cast-in-place concrete walls and columns Connecting brick to backup - about 7 inches per slot. The ties are the same lengths as dovetail an-chors and are measured from the face of the channel. Channel slot anchors always are 11⁄ 4 inches wide. Brick to concrete masonry T h r ee types of wall ties are typi-cally used to tie brick to concre t e masonry backup. The re c t a n g u l a r box tie is a single piece of ... Heckmann High Quality Masonry Anchors for Construction ...

Products 19 - 27 of 71 ... Cast in dovetail slot, available in stainless steel, pre filled with polystyrene (to prevent ... Used in conjunction with ties to restrain brickwork.

Submittals-Masonry Accessories. Column and Beam Anchors 351-Wire Column Tie. ... Dovetail Anchors Slots and Ties 315-Flexible Dovetail Brick Tie. Flashing and Reglets Copper Thru-Wall Flashing C-Coat. ... Seismic Anchors and Ties 315-BT-S.I.S Flexible Dovetail Brick Tie w Seismiclip Interlock System. 315-Flexible Dovetail Brick Ties - Masonry-Direct

Pos-I-Ties For Steel Backup

anchors cannot be used when the air space exceeds 1”. • Mortar joint thickness is a minimum of twice the thickness of the embedded anchor/tie. Anchors are embedded at least 1 1/2” into the veneer from the backup with a minimum of 5/8” of mortar from the outside face.

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